What is an Achievement Award?

An Achievement Award seeks to recognize and celebrate your sustained, exceptional performance and/or significant contributions over an extended period of time.  It means that the work you do is appreciated by your organization or society. Achievement Awards are the relevant honors or trophies that you earn when you exceed average performance and go above and beyond normal performance expectations.

Auxiliary Presidents, I am so excited to be able to reward you and your Auxiliary for all your hard work and "Achievements” this year.  I am going to ask you to send me a copy of the report after every quarter and that way you do not have to remember everything at the end of the year.  There will be a link on our website with a fillable version for Auxiliary Presidents to use.  You can save it on your computer and then just keep adding to it each quarter. 


Auxiliary Awards

  • 4 - $50 awards will be presented


Work as a TEAM toward the goals for each program, complete as many of the listed tasks as possible and make the necessary donations.  Being a President is one of accountability, responsibility, and integrity.  Above all, have pride in serving our veterans, youth and community!


Auxiliary Achievement Award Form 2023-2024

March 2024 Bulletin 

December 2023/January 2024 Bulletin


Cheryl Woodards
WI Sr Vice President
Achievement Awards Chairman
601 Malvern Hill Dr
Madison, WI 53718