Our great State of Wisconsin was privileged to have two National Presidents:  Lillian Campbell and Jeannette Frank.  As a way to honor these ladies, the Council of Administration, throughout many years, decided to name a Medical Scholarship after Lillian Campbell and the "Continuous Service Award" after Jeannette Frank, from Manitowoc, WI.

For many years the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, here in the Department of Wisconsin, has been recognizing members who have served our organization and their communities.  Originally, the Jeannette Frank Service Award was called the "President's Award."  It was a special award as it went to a member of the local convention city.

Eventually, it was decided that in addition to the convention cities, we have hundreds, even thousands, of members throughout our State that have dedicated their lives to volunteering for the VFW Auxiliary and their communities.  Taking this into consideration, a decision was made to open our Continuous Service Award to all members in our State who have served a minimum of 25 years of continuous service.  We are looking for that special sister (men have only been allowed to join the VFW Auxiliary since August 2015) who continually goes above and beyond for the Auxiliary as well as the community.

WHO is your Special Sister?  Every Auxiliary has at least one!  Now, it is your turn to seek out this sister and nominate her.  It's a wonderful way to show your love and support for her!

This award is presented each year at the Department of Wisconsin Convention.